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We love ice cream. And why not? Whether a traveling companion for pie or cake, or the hero of its own story, ice cream is an adventure. And we want to share this adventure with you.

Frost Giant Creamery makes small batches of ice cream right here in Reno, Nevada. While more time-consuming, small batches allow us to make sure each pint delivers legendary flavor. Additionally, we try our best to source ingredients locally, and stay away from artificial flavors, colors, fillers, and stabilizers when we can to ensure our ice cream is as close to homemade as possible.

Learn more about how we work below and be ready to be among the first to join us on this journey.

Small Batches. Big Flavor.

  • Each week, we'll annouce a selection of flavors available for pickup during our business hours- Tuesday 10am to 12pm, Wednesday 10am to 2pm, and Thursday 5pm to 9pm.
  • We'll have a limited number of each flavor, so order early before they're gone!
  • Flavors change every week, so if nothing's feeding the cravings this week, check back next week (and follow us on Facebook / Instagram to get notified of new flavors) and stock up!

To minimize food waste, we're going to keep the pint counts low, but if a flavor gets a lot of demand, we'll up the count next time we make it. We want no cravings to go unsatisfied.

I have more questions...

This Week's Flavors

(There's more in the freezer- Go to the Order Page to see everything in stock!)

All pints are $12 each. We're proud to be working with Model Dairy in support of our local dairy producers!

Orders can be placed now for immediate pickup!


Caramel Macchiato
As if the coffee ice cream alone wasn't good enough, we pair it with a generous ribbon of caramel. This round, the coffee is French Roast, again provided by our friends at Glory Cloud Coffee.
Ingredients: Cream, Heavy Cream, Sugar, Coffee, Caramel (Heavy Cream, Sugar)
Praline Pecan
You'll go nuts for this one! Sweet cream ice cream loaded up with crunchy praline pecans and a ribbon of caramel for an explosion of flavor in every spoonful.
Ingredients: Cream, Whipping Cream, Granulated Sugar, Caramel (Cream, Sugar, Salt), Praline Pecans (Pecans, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Butter, Corn Syrup, Sea Salt, Natural Flavor)
Rocky Road
By popular demand! Our rich chocolate ice cream loaded up with mini marshmallows and salted almonds. So good you may need a backup pint!
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We Suspect You Have Questions

How much will each pint cost?

12 bucks. 12 BUCKS, you say!? Well, if you order a single scoop at that big chain ice cream place, you're likely paying 3 bucks or more for a 4 oz. scoop, so you're *already* paying 12 bucks (or more) per pint. Also, because we're not using fillers, and we keep the overrun (the amount of air in the ice cream) to a minimum, each pint is packed with high quality ingredients.

What are your hours of operation?

  • Tuesday: 10a - 12p
  • Wednesday: 10a - 2p
  • Thursday: 5p - 9p

Odd hours? Indeed. We tried to balance production times with available pick up times. This allows you to swing by at lunch or after work.

Can I reserve pints?

Once you order, we'll immediately set your order aside for you to pick up during our business hours.

How many pints of each flavor will be available?

We're trying to minimize food waste, so we'll only make a limited number each week. Exact numbers will depend on overall ordering and the popularity of specific flavors, but anticipate 12 or fewer of each flavor, so order fast!

Will you be making dairy-free / no-sugar-added ice cream?

We will be choosing one flavor of sorbet each week for those who prefer a non-dairy option. All our creations will contain sugar or honey.

Are your ice creams tree-nut / peanut free?

We know how significant food allergies can be. While we try our best to keep things separate and clean, some of our flavors do contain tree nuts or peanuts, and we're working in a shared kitchen space, so we can't completely eliminate the chance of cross-contamination.

If a craving strikes, will you have pints available to purchase immediately?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 775.234.8345 and we'll tell you what we have available.

Do you offer delivery? Can I order through a food delivery service?

We're a small shop, so no delivery for now. And we have no plans to use a food delivery service because ice cream is precious cargo and we have no control over how a third party handles the product.

The sign on the door says "Bone Appetit Bar-B-Que Grill." Do you also make bar-b-que?

We're starting off small, so we're renting kitchen space from Bone Appetit. Don't worry, you've found the right spot. And if you want some pretty awesome bar-b-que, the Bone Appetit team is set up in the Reno Public Market for your dining enjoyment!

Will I see you at farmers markets, craft fairs, Food Truck Friday, etc.?

Eventually. Going mobile has a bunch of additional challenges (and paperwork). But the more pints you order, the quicker this becomes a reality!

How long will your ice cream last in the freezer?

Great question. It's generally gone LONG before it might start to succumb to freezer burn. You should be good for several weeks. Though if it takes you that long to finish off a pint, we're going to start questioning your commitment.

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